New Rx Cardiovascular and Hematology Brick Editions for 2023

Announcing Updated Hematology and Cardiovascular Brick Editions

To ring in March, we have released two updated Brick editionsHematology and Cardiovascular. We consistently update our Bricks to stay up-to-date and accurate. Still, we also conduct more extensive revisions of the collections to improve your students’ learning experience.

You can access the first editions, toggle seamlessly between both, or move forward with the new versions. Check out the Conversion Guides below for more information.

Switch Easily Between Brick Versions

You can just use Editions 1 and 2 with little effort. Click the down arrow and move the collections with ease!

Screenshot showing how to change editions of the Brick Collections

Why were these Bricks updated?

Students and faculty from across the world reach out with feedback on ScholarRx’s Bricks, and when you do, we listen. We aim for our Bricks to be evergreen, and while we always strive for accuracy, we make revisions when there are ways in which we can improve our approach and content. We are incredibly thankful to all who have helped us achieve our mission of sustainable medical education by enhancing our instructional design.

Is anything else new?

We continued beyond updates, of course. You will also see the following:

  • New and improved illustrations
  • Fewer mnemonics
  • More standardized Bricks with formatting you will find throughout our platform
  • Even more high-yield content
  • Please learn more by reading our Conversion Guides:

We hope you and your students put these updated Bricks to good use. Together, we’re on the path toward sustainable, engaging medical education.