About Us

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1: By Medical Students, for Medical Students

More than 25 years ago, a group of enterprising medical students at UCSF decided to publish the notes they put together to study for the USMLE Step 1 exam. The First Aid book quickly gained cult appeal as the must-have book for the boards. Dr. Le joined the editorial team while still a medical student at UCSF and helped lead a major transformation of the book. Since then, Dr. Le has continued to work together with book co-founder, Dr. Vikas Bhushan, and an accomplished team of medical students and faculty advisors, to annually revise and expand the "bible" for USMLE prep that everyone knows and trusts.

USMLE-Rx: Bridging the Parallel Curriculum

Dr. Le has always had a passion for medical education, and the technology available in the new millennium presented him with the opportunity to bring student-driven innovation to the Internet. In 2006, using the same mission of social learning, Dr. Le created a robust suite of study tools under the USMLE-Rx brand. The USMLE-Rx question bank (Qmax), flashcard application (Flash Facts), video library (Express Videos), and interactive learning modules (Rx Bricks) seamlessly integrate high-yield concepts in a way that only the authors can do. Since then, USMLE-Rx has prepared more than 150,000 students for the boards.

ScholarRx: The Future of Medical Learning

As the most comprehensive and trusted review suite on the market, ScholarRx brings together teaching and learning tools that are not merely valuable at test time but also from day one of medical school. This paves the way for our most ambitious initiative to date with lifelong learning and ScholarRx: Rx Bricks!