The Medical Student Alliance for Global Education

A global collaboration of student organizations working together to lead the next wave of the medical education revolution.

MeSAGE - The Medical Student Alliance for Global Education

A Student–Driven
Medical Education Revolution

ScholarRx founded MeSAGE in 2019 with the aim of empowering different student organizations with the tools and training that allow them to work together to close educational gaps. Traditional med school curriculum doesn’t cover important areas such as health equity, diversity and inclusion, or social justice.

Using the revolutionary digital learning library, Rx Bricks, we are building interactive digital modules known as “Bricks” that will address a wide range of topics, from health equity and human rights to medical education and digital health. Together, we aim to leverage the expertise and passion of students to develop engaging and instructionally sound medical education content that fosters:

  • Clinical Excellence
  • Cultural Competence
  • Health Equity

“Through MeSAGE, we are excited to partner with leading student organizations to address educational needs at a global and societal level and help medical students define, build, and learn the key content that may be missing from the standard curriculum.”

— Dr. Tao Le, Founder and CEO, ScholarRx

Better Together

Getting medical students involved in the design and development of their education has many evidence-based benefits.

Student involvement is good for:

  • The Curriculum: Medical students are able to bring their unique perspective to the table.
  • The Student: Medical students develop the skills needed to become impactful educators.
  • The Educator: Both the quality and quantity of student engagement is boosted.
  • The World: Future physicians are better prepared for the challenges they will face in their practices.

Our Partners

MeSAGE is the largest student-driven curriculum alliance on the planet, composed of student organizations from different regions of the world. Our members represent over 1.4 million medical students in over 130 countries, from partners including:

We are working to expand the network of MeSAGE partners to include medical student organizations that represent all regions of the world.

Every module goes through a rigorous development process that includes:

  • Shared needs assessment
  • Shared learning objectives
  • Shared content development
  • Shared implementation

MeSAGE Curricular Roadmap

Students, schools, and institutions from around the world can use our open-access MeSAGE curriculum on RxBricks for free.

Topic Area Planned Delivery Date
Sexual and Reproductive Rights Available NOW!
The New EducatorAvailable NOW!
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionAvailable NOW!
Digital HealthAvailable NOW!
Social AccountabilityAvailable NOW!
Planetary Health Available NOW!
Health Policy and Advocacy2024
Leadership and Management Skills2024

Digital Health

The Digital Health collection aims to provide a framework for students to learn more about how digital technologies are transforming healthcare and how we can use technology to serve our patients better.

Access The Open Access Digital Health Bricks

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The latest MeSAGE collection focuses Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This collection covers a critical area of medical education, which is often missing from the traditional curriculum. Topics include:

Access the Free DEI Bricks

Planetary Health

This collection covers the relationship between human health and the environment with the aim of empowering future health professionals to prepare for and tackle challenges that a changing climate and environmental pollution present to our health and livelihoods. Topics include:

Access The Free and Open Planetary Health Bricks

Social Accountability

This collection explores the principles of Social Accountability in Health Professions Education, shares examples of initiatives from across the world, and introduces tools to support implementation and assessment of initiatives. Our goal is to inspire learners, educators, and institutions to have a greater impact on the communities they serve. Topics include:

Access the Free and Open Social Accountability Bricks

Join Us

Learn how you can get involved by contacting our MeSAGE Director, Dr. Aliye Runyan.