N.E.S.T.New Educators and Scholars Training

Empowering students with evidence-based educational strategies to match their evidence-based medicine prowess.

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Jump Start Your Career as a Medical Educator!

Educators can come from anywhere! If you desire a career in medical education, then your journey starts as a student.

Students who enroll in NEST learn evidence-based best practices in teaching others. And the added bonus is that these skills will make you a better student as well!

Students in this program are given the opportunity to author work and test out the pedagogical skills that they gain in the program. The authorship of original works will document the journey from novice to advanced and may serve as a springboard to careers in medical education!

With the integration of ScholarRx Bricks, students will learn through short, high-yield, interactive lessons. The curriculum also includes curated journal articles, thought-provoking question sets, and lectures from world-renowned leaders in medical education. 

At the end of the program, students will have a portfolio of original authored work. The culmination of which is the capstone project where students build their own Brick.

The NEST program enables students to:

  • Learn evidence-based best practices in teaching others
  • Become a better learner
  • Attend lectures and Q&A's with world-renowned leaders in medical education
  • Author original works
  • Build high-yield, interactive lessons

"It's always enriching to learn new knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to medical education leadership and advocacy, and the experience of attending the NEST really helped me not only to acquire these, but also share them with other medical education enthusiasts all over the world. Meaningful students' engagement is not taught, but it's rather experienced, and the NEST can be your first step to open the door to the world of medical education!" Tomáš P.

"The knowledge and skills we gained in NEST helped me in that studies. Even as a student, taking part in the improvement of medical education was amazing! I hope I can play a role in the improvement of medical education in my future career! 
I appreciate the Scholar-Rx family, all presenters, and all other medical students in NEST for that great opportunity and experience!" Sinem S.

"Before attending the NEST program, I used to be a passive assimilator of medical education. I knew there was a lot of room for improvement but didn't have any place to channel my grievances. NEST provided that room for growth. The topic that touched me the most was feedback and evaluation. It helped me reconcile with all the problematic experiences I had during my clinical clerkship. And it has harnessed in me the skills I need to become a better medical educator." Daramfon U.

"What I liked most about NEST is that it gave us the freedom to express our thoughts on medical education. It also gave us a better insight into different aspects of medical education and how to be better academic clinicians in the near future. I feel grateful to have been part of the NEST family and I can't wait for next session." Abdulrahman A.

A Flexible Program!

The NEST program is designed for the busy medical student and is incredibly flexible.

Program Overview:

  • Program Length: During this one-year program, you are encouraged to participate in as many sessions as your time permits
  • Time per Month: Expected time requirements for the program are 2-4 hours per month for units in which students choose to participate
  • Minimum Participation Requirements: Students will be required to complete the capstone project and the program is designed to be completed in one calendar year.
  • Application Cycle: The application period is open until July 31, 2023. Acceptance notifications will go out in September 2023. Applicants need a reliable internet connection and the desire to learn how to be a better educator!

NEST Curricular Roadmap

Month Brick Readings Brick Deadlines
1Learning Principles & Teaching PriniciplesNeeds Assessment
2Learning and AssessmentNeeds Assessment/Define Educational Need
3Curriculum Design and DevelopmentDetermine goals of curriculum
4Teaching and Learning in the Virtual EnvironmentDefine Educational Need
5Teaching and Learning in the Classroom
6Teaching and Learning in the Clinical EnvironmentFirst Draft of Brick
7Student Involvement and Advocacy AND Quality Assurance for EducationSecond Draft
8Research in MedEdFinal Draft
9Interprofessional Education
10Complete Brick2nd Draft
11Complete BrickFinal Draft

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