IAMSE-ScholarRx Curriculum Development Grants

ScholarRx is pleased to partner with the International Association of Medical Science Educators to fund a grant for curriculum development.



The International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), in collaboration with ScholarRx, wishes to promote the development of innovative, sharable health sciences education curricula, and will fund a single grant this year, for up to $5,000. In addition to funding, awardees will receive a total value of approximately $50,000 in in-kind support, which includes:

  • Rx Bricks access for up to 200 students for one year
  • Investigator access to the ScholarRx Brick authoring platform, Bricks Create, and Rx Bricks Collections
  • Investigator training and support for ScholarRx Brick development
  • $1,500 travel award for Principal Investigator (PI) to present the work at the Annual IAMSE Meeting

Funding Preferences

For this award, preference will be given to new projects which address current or emerging needs in health sciences education, promote collaboration between two or more disciplines, departments, or institutions, and result in the development of educational materials that are generalizable and can be adopted by multiple institutions.

The sharable curriculum should complement existing Rx Bricks collections. Interinstitutional and international collaborations are encouraged. Student involvement is also encouraged, and, dependent on the demonstrated qualifications of the investigation team as a whole, students may serve as PIs.


Funding is for a 2-year period. All investigators will receive access to the ScholarRx Bricks Create Platform and the Rx Bricks collections, and will receive training and support from ScholarRx. The award includes access to the Rx Bricks Collections for up to 200 students for one year.

The PI of each funded project will be awarded an additional $1,500 travel award to present the results of their program evaluation at a future IAMSE meeting. Awards are not per-investigator and must be shared among institutions at the discretion of the investigators if projects are multi-institutional.



Additional grant information including application requirements and submission guidelines can be found at the link below.

Bricks Create allows educators to easily develop and share interactive, multimedia Bricks suited for the evolving learning needs of their students. Once you decide to create a new brick, you can immediately add text, embed videos, and drag-and-drop images. Or, simply clone a brick from one of our 15 collections and modify it to meet your curricular needs.

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