Build your students’ foundation of medical knowledge brick by brick

Rx Bricks offers a repository of curricular materials and learning frameworks that can be rapidly deployed and customized to suit your unique curriculum needs and goals.


We understand the challenges facing medical schools

  • Outdated curriculum with gaps
  • Inconsistent pedagogy
  • Lack of quality assessments
  • Faculty mismatch to teaching task and value creation
  • Curricular reform fatigue
  • Education inequality

Rx Bricks is an innovative digital learning system designed to help students easily learn the foundations of medicine

Rx Bricks uses short, high-yield, interactive lessons called “bricks.” It is modular, flexible, and customizable. Content is broken down into the smallest cohesive learning units, or "bricks", and organized around basic science topics (e.g., pressure-volume loops) or clinical concepts (e.g., ischemic heart disease). Each brick uses clear language to explain and contextualize key topics, many in less than 20 minutes. Then it offers built-in review tools to test understanding of the content right away.


For Students

A targeted and cohesive learning experience. Integration of basic and clinical science concepts. Clear explanations of complex topics. High quality illustrations. Integrated formative assessment exercises. Patient-centered stories.


For Faculty

Narrative text modules aligned to learning objectives. High-quality, labeled images. Large sequestered bank of board-style assessment items.


Rx Bricks empowers educators so that they have:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced work burden
  • Increased focus on high-value tasks
  • More student face time

Key Features

  • Designed by Instructors, Piloted by Med Schools:
    Narrative text modules are aligned to universal learning objectives.
  • Faculty Friendly:
    Rx Bricks includes high-quality, labeled images and a sequestered question bank with over 2,000 board-style assessment items.
  • Built for a Med Student’s Busy Life:
    Rx Bricks uses a clear writing style to deliver key content, and even provides an estimate of how much time they’ll need to complete each brick so they are ready for next time.
  • Patient-Centered Focus:
    Embedded within the brick, boxes like Clinical Correlations and articles from our partner, In-Training, illustrate and clarify topics while providing examples that connect them to the lives of patients and their providers.
  • Engaging Digital Experience:
    Rx Bricks brings medical content to life in a digital-first learning environment utilizing brilliant images, interactive flashcards, and SmartNotes.
  • Prioritized “Need to Know” Content:
    Rx Bricks was designed to provide the perfect amount of foundational content so students can easily understand the need-to-know material first.
  • Built-In Practice Questions:
    Self-assessment questions help students test their understanding of each brick, providing rich explanations that detail why each answer is correct and why each distracter is incorrect.
  • Learning Objectives:
    Each brick includes measurable objectives at the beginning and end of each brick to clearly identify the key goals of the learning path.
Those bricks are AH-MAZING! Textbooks are so unnecessarily complicated and wordy, but bricks have great pictures and diagrams. After reading the bricks as a preview, I get so much more out of lecture.

I love the way they are written. It isn’t too medical and I love the scaffolding. First, they go over basics, then they go into details, and they quiz you along the way while you read as well as after each brick.

Every brick has objectives, flash card questions, and practice questions. Overall I enjoy the bricks a lot more than reading lecture slides or outlines since the bricks are interactive and well-integrated with the USMLE-Rx ecosystem.

Say "Hello" to Efficient and Effective Learning

Each brick contains an at-a-glance summary of its most essential information—so students can stay organized and efficient. Plus, they'll see measurable objectives at the beginning and end of each brick to keep them focused throughout.

And students will always know how much time they’ll need to complete each brick, so they can plan their study schedule and complete their assignments with maximum efficiency.


Complex Topics Explained Simply and Beautifully

Rx Bricks incorporates simple "clear language" explanations, mnemonic devices, vivid illustrations, and more so students experience more “light bulb” moments as they learn complex medical topics.

Plus, at the end of each section, the built-in interactive flash cards and practice questions let students test their topical knowledge, and provide additional explanation based on their answers.

Covering the Foundations of the Basic Science Curriculum

With fourteen collections available right now and one more rolling out through the rest of 2020, you’ll have access to a robust library of curricular bricks covering every topic to help students gain the foundational knowledge they need today to become a successful doctor tomorrow.

  • Cardiovascular
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Endocrine
  • Gastrointestinal
  • General Microbiology
  • General Pathology
  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue
  • Neurology and Special Senses
  • Psychiatry
  • Renal
  • Reproductive
  • Respiratory
  • General Pharmacology

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