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ScholarRx: The Future of Digital Lifelong Learning

We are pleased to announce ScholarRx. Our new name reflects the evolution of our educational mission: creating an affordable, lifelong digital-learning platform for medical students and physicians everywhere. In addition to our USMLE preparation services, which continue under the USMLE-Rx brand, ScholarRx is developing an evidence-based, adaptive learning solution designed to address the most pressing curricular issues facing medical schools across the globe.

Led by Dr. Tao Le, author of the best-selling book First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, ScholarRx is committed to transformative education. “Our ScholarRx curriculum platform is a monumental undertaking,” says Dr. Le, “which we hope will positively impact the delivery of pre-clinical medical education. When customizable, essential teaching can be easily deployed by faculty and consumed by students—anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace—the real curriculum can emerge. This will allow students and faculty to maximize their time together in order to engage in shared learning, critical thinking, and clinical decision-making, all in the context of the patient.”