Help Students Study Smarter for the USMLE

Top-quality questions, videos, and high-yield flash cards. Designed to help students learn more and be ready for test day and their future career.

Stringing disconnected study tools together is an inefficient way for students to prepare.

That’s why the First Aid team created USMLE-Rx. Because when all your tools talk to each other, every minute students spend studying becomes much more high yield. With USMLE-Rx, students now have tools designed to help them build formative assessments and monitor progress.

A look at the Faculty Portal in ScholarRx

ScholarRx Faculty Portal

  • Includes separate access for faculty
  • Tools to use Qmax question bank for formative assessments and coursework
  • Leverage a gold standard, board-style Qbank to meet your assessment and instructional needs
  • Save faculty the valuable time it takes to research and develop quality questions
  • Monitor student activity and progress, along with their strengths and weaknesses

Many Qbanks just tell you the right answer. Qmax shows you how to get to the right answer.

Qmax features the most multi-step questions of any Qbank on the market. Each question is thoroughly and frequently reviewed by USMLE experts to ensure it accurately represents what you’ll see on the exam.

And best of all? Our explanations walk you through every step of every question, showing you how to break it down and master the content—so students can feel confident on test day.


  • Over 2,300 thoroughly reviewed USMLE-style questions
  • Well-explained answers, illustrations, charts, and more
  • The most multi-step answers of any Qbank on the market
  • Two 160-item self-assessment exams comparable to NBME®, each consisting of 4 blocks of 40 board-style questions
  • Always patient-centered, so you can see how the concept applies in the real world

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