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ScholarRx is pleased to announce a new grant program for educators and students* who want to develop and share new curriculum.  Schools and instructors across the globe have begun using Rx Bricks Create to build new learning experiences for students, and we want to offer this groundbreaking $25,000 grant program to support and amplify these efforts.

Up to 50 grants of $500 will be awarded based on a competitive process. Please reference the application requirements, and limit to 500 words, excluding references. The form and application criteria are found below.

Each grant will provide:

  • $500 in funding for the successful application
  • Access to the ScholarRx curriculum authoring platform and the complete Rx Bricks digital library
  • ScholarRx training/support for orientation

*Student applicants are welcome with a faculty advisor/reviewer


Funding Preferences

For this award, we encourage applicants to focus on topic areas that aren't currently covered in Rx Bricks and/or emerging/evolving topic areas not well covered in medical schools.  Preference will be given to applications with a clear plan for implementation in a medical or health science program.

Any curriculum brick modules developed through the grant would be open access to all.


Funding is for a six-month period. All awardees will receive access to the ScholarRx Bricks Create platform and the Rx Bricks collections, and will receive training and support from ScholarRx.


Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

Review Process

  1. Grant application deadline has been extended to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on July 31, 2023.
  2. ScholarRx will review the grant applications and consider the evaluation criteria listed below.
  3. ScholarRx will make a final decision and alert each grant awardee.
  4. Funding awards will be announced via email by August 25, 2023.

Evaluation Criteria

Brick Builder Grant applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • The grant application follows all instructions listed on the application form.
  • The proposed brick is relevant to the mission of medical education.
  • There is an established need for the brick, with a preference for topics not covered or covered adequately in medical schools.
  • The project includes a clear statement of project goals and objectives.
  • The activities described are appropriate to address the goals and objectives.
  • The brick produced will be generalizable, sharable, and applicable to others outside the investigators’ home institutions.
  • The project is feasible, given the investigators' timeline, resources, and experience.
  • The plan for dissemination (e.g., implementation in a medical school)



Fill out the application by clicking the button below.  ScholarRx will administer the grant.  Only one grant per applicant.

Bricks Create allows educators to easily develop and share interactive, multimedia Bricks suited for the evolving learning needs of their students. Once you decide to create a new brick, you can immediately add text, embed videos, and drag-and-drop images. Or, simply clone a brick from one of our collections and modify it to meet your curricular needs.

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