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How We're Boosting Medical Education Accessibility for All

It's our mission to create sustainable and accessible medical education for students and educators around the world. The new Rx Brick Exchange is a place to share and build on ideas and curriculum, learn from leading experts, and use their expertise in your classroom.

The Rx Brick Exchange is the first global health sciences curriculum exchange that empowers educators to create and share health science Bricks with faculty and students worldwide. This sustainable digital ecosystem builds on the features of Rx Bricks and our revolutionary authoring tool, Bricks Create, with limitless reach.


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Welcome to Our Digital Ecosystem

The Rx Brick Exchange is a digital platform where educators can collaborate and work towards creating a global shared curricular ecosystem for all. Together, we're enhancing health professions education by offering new ways to find, build, and share digital learning experiences and making it more accessible for learners around the world.

Interactive learning works better—it's been proven to be 6x more effective than watching lecture videos, which is why students like the interactive learning modules we call Bricks.

Key Exchange Features

  • Find, share, and build meaningful digital learning experiences on a global scale
    Tap into a growing community of Brick builders to find and share interactive learning modules.
  • Create reading lists
    Curate your own mix of Bricks to share with students and colleagues.
  • Contribute to a shared curricular ecosystem
    Build Bricks and share your knowledge with faculty and students across the globe, giving future health professionals everywhere the same advantages your students have.
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We Created the Rx Brick Exchange to Foster Change

  • Sustainable curriculum
  • Accessible medical education
  • Creating meaningful learning experiences
  • Academic freedom
  • Community building
  • Supporting institutions in the creation and curation of high-quality MedEd content
  • Providing students everywhere with exceptional learning opportunities
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Create and Share Meaningful Learning Experiences

The Rx Brick Exchange is powered in part by our revolutionary authoring tool, Bricks Create. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation allow you to focus on creating meaningful content, without requiring you to learn how to code.

With Bricks Create, you can build, clone, and customize your Bricks to share with the world. When you're ready, you can list them so that they can be found in the Rx Brick Exchange, where you and your peers can find, build, and share exceptional learning experiences.

The Future of Sustainable MedEd

Our Bricks offer a standard for building MedEd content that students like to use. Using our guardrails, you can create Bricks confidently, knowing you'll reduce learning fatigue and give your students the best chance to learn.

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MeSAGE: Open Education in Action

The Medical Student Alliance for Global Education (MeSAGE) is a student-driven consortium of the world's leading medical student organizations, representing over 1.3 million learners. Founded in 2019, MeSAGE empowers and supports student organizations with the tools they need to work toward closing educational gaps in areas like health equity, diversity, inclusion, or social justice.

MeSAGE's growing, open-access curricular roadmap includes:

These Bricks are ready to be used today. Use them in your classroom and keep an eye out for an ever-growing collection of open-access Bricks.

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Ready to Build Effective Digital Learning Experiences?

If you and your school are looking for an intuitive and faculty-friendly authoring system, look no further. We cannot wait to meet you and demonstrate what Bricks can do.