Upcoming Webinars

ScholarRx Office Hours for Faculty

You are always there for your students, and ScholarRx is there for you! An Academic Success Manager is available if you are gearing up for the next semester and need a refresher or have questions.

Join us for our newly launched webinar series:  ScholarRx Office Hours for Faculty. These interactive sessions are held twice a month and focus on the following areas:

Qmax Management

Interested in Formative Weekly Problem Sets? Many of our school partners are implementing shorter, more frequent tests. This means you need lots of high-quality questions and an easy way to deploy them. ScholarRx has a solution to make that easier for you!

We will walk you through the Qmax management dashboard and focus on creating formative assessments with our question bank of over 2,500 board-style questions.

Rx Bricks

Learn more about Rx Bricks, which are short, high-yield, interactive lessons. Rx Bricks are modular, flexible, and customizable. Faculty members can easily share these learning modules with students as well as customize and collaborate with other faculty members.

We will also introduce you to Rx Bricks Create. This tool has a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, empowering you to focus on building meaningful content, rather than learning a complicated software system.