ScholarRx Announcement: New Endocrine and Renal Bricks Editions

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Kicking Off January with New Editions

You and your students now have access to new editions of our Endocrine and Renal Bricks collections. While we consistently update our bricks to ensure that they’re accurate and up to date, we also conduct more profound revisions of the collections to improve the learning experience.  But don’t worry – you can still access the first editions, toggle between both, or move forward with the new version. Check out our conversion guides below to learn more.

Switch Between Versions

Found right next to the option for sharing, you can toggle between Edition 1 and Edition 2 with little effort. Click the down arrow and move between the collections with ease.

An image showing the ease at which you can switch between v1 and v2 in Endocrine and Renal Bricks

Why was this Content Updated?

We listen! Faculty from across the globe reach out, and when you do, we listen. We aim for our Bricks to be evergreen, and while we always strive for accuracy, we make revisions when there are ways in which we can improve our approach. Thank you to all who shared feedback and helped us improve our instructional design.

What Else is New?

We couldn’t just stop at updates! You’ll also see the following:

  • New and improved illustrations
  • Fewer mnemonics
  • More standardized Bricks with formatting you’ll find throughout our platform
  • More high-yield content
  • Please learn more by reading our Conversion Guides:

We hope you and your students enjoy these updates and find them helpful as we work towards sustainable medical education.

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