MERIC Funded Research

Year Principal Investigator / Title of Project
2024Deborah Gomez Kwolek
Utilizing ScholarRx Bricks as a Principal Modality in a National Student Sex and Gender Education Project
2024Jonathan England
The Effect of Students' Utilization of Assigned ScholarRx Bricks and Self-Directed Qmax Questions on Students' Performance on Internal Pre-Clerkship, NBME, and USMLE Step Exams
2023Emily Hall
Exploring the Relationship Between Illness-Script Recognition and Performance on Clinical-Vignette-Type Multiple-Choice Questions
2023Kirsten A. Porter-Stransky
ScholarRx Bricks within a Decelerated Curriculum to Promote Successful Advancement to Clerkships for Academically At-Risk Medical Students
2022Tomlin Paul
Using ScholarRx to Support the Establishment of an Academic Teaching Environment at a Rural District Hospital in Rwanda while Optimizing its Utilization in Basic Sciences' Teaching
2022David Schulman
Expanding Metacognitive Awareness in Students through the Creation of Bricks Concerning Social Medicine Topics
2020Abebe Bekele
Evaluation of a Low-Cost Undergraduate Digital Platform for Medical Curriculum Delivery in Rwanda
2020Emine Ercikan Abali
Evaluation of ScholarRx Bricks to Enhance Retention and Application of Knowledge in Flipped Classrooms in Undergraduate Basic Science Courses at CUNY School of Medicine
2020Edith H. Wang
Integrate ScholarRx Resources to Enhance a Board Preparation Program to Improve Student Outcomes in Mastery of Foundational Basic Science Concepts and Readiness for USMLE Step 1 Exam Across a Five-State Regional Campus Medical Program
2020Jasna Vuk
The effect of students' utilization of USMLE-Rx preparation materials on passing rates of USMLE Step 1 exam, medical students' learning, and motivation
2019Tracy L Yarbrough
Relationship Between Use of Self-Selected Resources, Predominant Learning Approach and Performance in Pre-Clerkship Undergraduate Medical Education
2019Naomi Steenhof
Developing the Experts We Need: Using ScholarRX/USMLE-Rx Test Questions to Support the Development of Adaptive Expertise
2018Paul Kent
Reducing Implicit Bias in Medical Education and Training
2018Irene Lee
Humanizing the Basic Sciences: Impact on Learning and Empathy
2018Kelly Quesnelle
The Effectiveness of ScholarRx as a Supplemental Resource During Medical Student Remediation
2018Heather Buum
Impact of a Novel Educational Resource on Learning of Hematology Pathophysiology for Second Year Medical Students – An Exploratory Analysis