ScholarRx Launches Innovative Grant for Medical Education

In 2022, ScholarRx expanded its mission to create a healthier world through accessible and sustainable medical education by launching the Brick Builder Grant. This grant aimed to empower educators and students worldwide to develop free and open digital learning modules, called Bricks, around underrepresented medical topics.


Recipients of the grant came from across the globe, giving them the opportunity to access the ScholarRx curriculum authoring platform and the complete Rx Bricks digital library.

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Rwanda
  • UAE
  • Uganda
  • United States
  • West Indies

Through this innovative and powerful digital learning system, grantees created short, interactive learning Bricks on a range of topics, including:

  • Identifying Dermatologic Disease in Skin of Color
  • Hair Loss Disorders in Skin of Color
  • Social Determinants of Health Competence in Medical Education
  • Rural, Remote and Planetary Health
  • Clinical Enzymology
  • Non-Scarring Alopecia
  • Implicit Bias

The program has been a resounding success, with educators and students producing new medical educational content on emerging and evolving medical topics not well-covered in med school. Of significance, the grant helped students lead the charge, while providing educators with the necessary resources to create a shared curriculum.

Through a competitive submission process, 35 grants were eventually awarded, igniting new possibilities in medical education.


Below are some highlights of student-created Bricks and their experiences with the tools.


Rainee Khabagnote, Class of 2024, St. George’s University School of Medicine, published a Brick titled: Identifying Dermatologic Disease in Skin of Color. The focus of the Brick is to increase medical professionals’ awareness of how skin disorders can manifest differently in people of color. This level of multimedia instruction is needed to help students in healthcare, most of whom have lighter skin tones, more quickly and accurately diagnose skin disorders across a range of skin types.

I found Bricks Create incredibly helpful! Bricks Create is an excellent platform with an intuitive user-friendly platform. As a result, our team developed interactive and engaging educational content quickly and easily. We created interactive quizzes, flashcards, and other learning materials that helped medical students and professionals learn about diversity in the setting of dermatology. We hope more content creation will be encouraged to help bridge the disparities in our healthcare!”—Rainee Khabagnote

View the Brick:



Siri Choragudi, Class of 2024, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, published a Brick titled: Hair Loss Disorders in Skin of Color. The focus of the Brick is to increase medical professionals’ awareness of how hair loss disorders can manifest in people of color. This level of multimedia instruction will help medical professionals accurately diagnose hair loss diseases in diverse populations.

“Being able to create educational modules on skin of color for medical students enabled us to directly impact the future of our field, hopefully creating better physicians & leading to more inclusiveness of diversity”—Siri Choragudi

View the Brick:



Nelly Numumaro, Class of 2026, University of Global Health Equity, published a Brick titled: Social Determinants of Health Competence in Medical Education. The focus of the Brick is to increase understanding of the concept of social determinants of health (SDOH), their nature, and their implication for community health and to support medical students in identifying the approaches to improve their competence in SDOH and leverage that knowledge to improve healthcare delivery in the communities they will serve.

“Participating in the Brick Builder Grant program and writing my first brick on“Social determinants of health competence in medical education” was an incredible opportunity that greatly enhanced my experience with ScholarRx. As a medical student at the University of Global Health Equity, having the chance to create content under my lecturers’ mentorship was invaluable. Working with the ScholarRx team was a pleasure, and I felt fully supported throughout the entire process. I’m grateful for the chance to contribute to the future of medical education and I encourage other students and lecturers to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”—Nelly Numumaro

View the Brick:


At ScholarRx, we are committed to advancing medical education by enabling educators and students to create and disseminate innovative curriculum.


To facilitate this mission, we are excited to announce that the applications for the 2023 Brick Builder Grant cycle are now open! If you’re an educator or student with a passion for innovation, submit your application by visiting our website at


Don’t miss this opportunity to join us in shaping the future of medical education. Apply today.

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