ScholarRx Announcement: Brick Licensing and More

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You’ve spent countless hours creating the perfect for your students – you now have more options than ever to make it accessible to anyone worldwide.

Cloning is Easier than Ever

The Brick Exchange is a first-of-its-kind, open-access curriculum exchange that brings our vision of advancing medical education by enabling educators and students to create and disseminate creative content to life. Cloning a Brick you’ve found on the Brick Exchange has just gotten easier.

As you enjoy an excellent, informative Brick, you can now click to clone it from the Brick Exchange or within a Brick itself. When you clone a Brick from the Exchange, it automatically takes you to Bricks Create.

This new feature allows you to customize, localize, and expand upon bricks shared within the Brick Exchange, creating a community of practice where educators can collaborate and contribute to the world’s first health professions curriculum exchange.

Listing Multiple Authors

Education may feel like a lonely island, but you often collaborate with peers, colleagues, and friends to create your curriculum. With that in mind, we’ve released another new feature – the option to list multiple authors, editors, and contributors in each Brick.

It’s easy to add your collaborators to a Brick! Just hover your mouse over “Author” and click when the pencil (edit) icon appears.

From there, you can search for authors with an existing ScholarRx account and select them when they appear.

If you cannot find who you’re looking for, select ‘Can’t find who you’re looking for?’. You will be asked to add their first and last name and email.

When you add an author or collaborator to a Brick, they will be notified via email. If they want to be removed from your Brick, they will be told to reach out to you (the person who added them) to be removed.

Increased Accessibility

With our latest product update, your Brick privacy is manageable every time you go to publish a Brick. The first step is choosing whether or not your Brick is listed.

  • Listed Bricks can appear on your school and author pages and within search results. Your Brick can be shared via a link and appear within reading lists.
  • Unlisted Bricks will not appear on your school or author pages or within search results. Your Brick can be shared via a link and will appear when added to reading lists.

Listing a Brick increases visibility for your institution. The Brick Exchange allows medical educators to share learning materials, collaborate, and innovate. When you publish a listed Brick, it will appear on the Brick Exchange and be accessible to anyone looking for medical education resources. Not only does this exposure help your content reach more students, but it also amplifies recognition of your work and expertise.

A Variety of Licensing Options

Once you decide whether your brick is Listed or Unlisted, you’ll see two new licensing choices.

CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons License)

With the CC-BY-SA license, anyone can clone and adapt your Brick, and you will receive the credit within those adapted Bricks. The same license will be carried forward when the Brick is cloned or adapted, so long as they credit you and license their creations under identical terms. Your Brick:

Edits to your Brick will maintain the CC-BY-SA license – it cannot be changed after you’ve set it.

Standard License

With the Standard License, your Brick can only be cloned by members of your same institution. The same license will be moved forward when they clone, edit, or adapt your Brick. Your Brick:

  • Will appear on the Brick Exchange
  • Can only be cloned by members of your institution
  • Can only be adapted by members of your institution

Edits to your Brick can be re-published under CC-BY-SA or a Standard license.

Ready to Share?

Publishing a Brick brings a powerful relief – the work is done! Additionally, it encourages collaboration and sharing with colleagues, promotes visibility, and provides repurposing opportunities to faculty and students worldwide. 

With ScholarRx, publishing a Brick is easy, providing a secure mechanism for preparing, publishing, and sharing your educational materials. Free up valuable time by sharing your content, discovering the joy of collaboration, and watching your content make a difference!

Want to learn more about third-party cloning, licensing, and listing multiple authors? You can access our new release Zendesk articles here.


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