Introducing Bricks Create for Students

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Bricks Create isn’t Just for Faculty Anymore

As an educator, it’s essential to provide tools to empower students to take ownership of their learning process. Bricks Create allows students to create, share, and learn, making learning more engaging and exciting.

Engage Your Students

Bricks Create for Students can enrich your students’ learning experience. You can assign projects and activities that require building a Case Connection within a Brick, and this hands-on learning approach can help them develop skills applicable across disciplines.

Another way to benefit from Bricks Create is by creating videos that enhance their Bricks. Videos can bring complex concepts to life, and students can creatively express their understanding of different topics. With Bricks Create, they can embed their videos once they upload them to YouTube or Vimeo and then create learning activities to support them.

Peer teaching is an excellent way to reinforce concepts and help students retain information. With Bricks Create, students can create a Brick on a topic and teach it to their classmates through a presentation. This approach reinforces concepts and enables students to practice important communication and presentation skills. Plus, the Brick they publish will be a durable learning object that can be shared with other students, educators, or future employers.

Creating a collaborative Brick on a topic you’re working on in class is another exciting possibility Bricks Create offers. This approach enables students to learn from each other’s insights and perspectives. It also fosters teamwork, cooperation and encourages students to leverage their collective knowledge to reach a deeper understanding.

Limitations of Bricks Create for Students

When you create and publish a Brick, it can go live on the Brick Exchange, our global medical education ecosystem. Students do not have this ability, and their Bricks will not be searchable. The only way residency directors, peers, or you can see the content a student has created is through a link to the Brick itself or their author page.

Empower Your Students to Create

Bricks Create for Students is an innovative and intuitive tool that can help empower your students and inspire creativity and deep engagement. It enables students to move from passive learners to active participants in the learning process. By assigning projects, creating videos, practicing peer teaching, and working on collaborative projects, your students can explore new ways of learning and grow as scholars and educators. Encourage your students to take advantage of this opportunity today!

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