Getting Started with Bricks Create

We've designed Bricks Create to be an easy-to-use authoring tool that allows you to build great learning experiences for any type of student.  To aid you in your process toward becoming a competent Brick-maker, we're putting together Bricks that will help you develop a Brick, from idea to publication.

What is a Brick?

In this brick developed by Yun Weisholtz, MD, PhD, and Catarina Pais Rodrigues, MD, we start with the basics, establishing the definition of a brick, what its core components are, and how Bricks fit into a modular medical or health sciences curriculum.

How to Develop a Brick

In this brick developed by Terence Ma, we offer a:

  • 5-step cycle for developing a brick
  • 5-step cycle for authoring the brick in Bricks Create, and a
  • Quality improvement cycle for a brick.