ScholarRx Announces Partnership with National Association of Medical Spanish

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Logo for the National Association of Medical Spanish

ScholarRx is proud to announce a new partnership with the National Association of Medical Spanish (NAMS), which works to improve the quality of care for Spanish-speaking patients. 

The partnership will focus on the collaboration and development of open access, sharable Bricks in areas related to medical Spanish, designed to be published and shared across the world. ScholarRx will be providing grant support to fund the collaborative development and implementation efforts.

Along with helping to drive and develop the medical Spanish curriculum, NAMS members will receive access to these materials through the Rx Bricks digital learning system developed by ScholarRx, including the Bricks Create authoring platform. 

According to Dr. Pilar Ortega, Founder and President of NAMS, “Our team is very excited about the opportunity to partner with ScholarRx on increasing accessible high-quality educational resources for communicating with the Hispanic/Latinx community. Many students and doctors have some Spanish skills they would like to use in patient care but may lack the resources to use or enhance those skills professionally. Improving how we teach clinicians to effectively use their skills to communicate with linguistically diverse patient populations is key to advancing health equity through education, and NAMS is proud to play a pioneering role through medical Spanish content.” 

“NAMS is playing a critical role in helping achieve global health equity by focusing on the improvement of patient-physician communication through medical Spanish,” said Dr. Tao Le, founder, and CEO of ScholarRx. “We are pleased to support their important work in preparing health professionals so that they can provide linguistically and culturally appropriate care to the Spanish-speaking patients they serve.” 

About Scholar Rx

ScholarRx is a mission-based organization of passionate medical educators, designers, and technologists dedicated to building a healthier world through accessible, sustainable medical education. ScholarRx offers a revolutionary, low-cost, multi-competency curriculum system featuring interconnectable “learning bricks,” powered by the groundbreaking Rx Bricks Create authoring tool, helping make this the world’s first sharable health science curriculum platform.

About NAMS

NAMS is a non-profit interdisciplinary group of highly qualified medical and language professionals who work together to improve health equity, patient safety, clinician communication skills, and quality of care for Spanish-speaking students. Our goal is to create a standardized evidence-based approach to teaching medical Spanish as well as promoting and assessing bilingualism among students and clinicians in the United States.  

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