ScholarRx Launching OMM Bricks

ScholarRx is pleased to announce that a new series of Rx Bricks on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine will launch in July 2021. Rx Bricks are pods of curricular materials and learning frameworks that can be rapidly deployed and customized to suit your unique curriculum needs and goals. These new OMM Bricks are designed to facilitate and support an osteopathic curriculum. The following topics will be released in the new OMM Bricks collection:

-History/Philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine

-Function and Dysfunction
-Counterstrain Technique
-Muscle Energy Technique
-HVLA (High-Velocity Low-Amplitude) Technique
-Craniosacral therapy

-Chapman’s Points
-Facilitated Pathways (Spinal Facilitation)

Osteophathic Diagnosis & Treatment of Specific Areas:

Cervical Spine
-Osteopathic Diagnosis of the Cervical Spine

Thoracic Spine
-Osteopathic Diagnosis of the Thoracic Spine
-Osteopathic Diagnosis of the Ribs

Lumbar Spine
-Osteopathic Diagnosis of the Lumbar Spine
-Psoas, Quadratus Lumborum, Piriformis and Diaphragm

Pelvis and Sacrum
-Osteopathic Diagnosis of the Pelvis
-Osteopathic Diagnosis of the Sacrum

For more information regarding OMM bricks or any of our curriculum solutions, contact us here.