ScholarRx Launches New Brick Annotation Tool

Instructors with institutional accounts now have the ability to annotate Rx Bricks so that they can better tailor the content to the way that it is covered in their curriculum.

We’ve worked with faculty and course directors at numerous medical schools to build this feature so that you can add your own notes to the bricks, which are only visible to the students at your school.

You can use the brick annotation tool to augment the content in a brick, especially if there are subtle differences in the way you cover it at your school. You may also want to underscore a section that will be assessed in an upcoming test.

The annotation tool also allows you to add images to help illustrate a point, or videos from YouTube or Vimeo that help students visualize a process. You can also add links to pages for students who want to explore a topic further.

When your students open the bricks, they’ll be able to see the annotations you’ve made.

We hope this tool makes it even easier to customize and personalize the ScholarRx Bricks for you and your students.

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