ScholarRx Launches Medical Student Alliance for Global Education (MeSAGE)

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ScholarRx today announced the public launch of the Medical Student Alliance for Global Education, or MeSAGE (pronounced “message”).

The aim of MeSAGE is to empower student organizations with the tools and expertise to build medical education content that often falls outside of the traditional curriculum, and make that content freely available to any student, school, or institution in the world.

MeSAGE is the largest student-driven curriculum alliance on the planet, composed of student organizations from different regions of the world. Our members represent over 1 million medical students in over 130 countries, from partners including:

  • AMSA: The American Medical Student Association
  • AMWA: The American Medical Women’s Association
  • EMSA: The European Medical Students’ Association
  • IFMSA: International Federation of Medical Students Associations
  • Phi Delta Epsilon: The International Medical Fraternity
  • SNMA: The Student National Medical Association
  • SOMA: The Student Osteopathic Medical Association

Dr. Tao Le, Founder and CEO of ScholarRx, said, “Through MeSAGE, we are excited to partner with leading student organizations to address educational needs at a global and societal level and help medical students define, build, and learn the key content that may be missing from the standard curriculum.”

Using the revolutionary digital learning platform, Rx Bricks, MeSAGE is building interactive educational modules known as “Bricks” that address a wide range of topics, from health equity and human rights to medical education and digital health. Together, we aim to leverage the expertise and passion of medical students to develop engaging and instructionally sound medical education content.

Today, MeSAGE releases its first collection, covering the critical area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Topics include:

  • Introduction to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression
  • Sexual Function and Satisfaction
  • Taking a Sexual History
  • Family Planning, Infertility, and Preconception
  • Safe Abortion
  • Gender-Based Violence

Upcoming collections include:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Digital health
  • Student as educator and change agent
  • Social accountability

Students, schools, and institutions from around the world can use our open-access MeSAGE curriculum on Rx Bricks for free.  Learn more here:

About ScholarRx: ScholarRx is a mission-driven organization currently serving over 150,000 medical students and physician learners annually. ScholarRx has developed a revolutionary componentized, multi-competency curricular platform that will empower medical schools and medical student organizations to rapidly develop high-quality education experiences, even in resource-constrained environments.