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Why Get a Free Faculty Account?

With your Free Faculty Account you will be part of a community of educators who are transforming medical education curriculum. Schools and instructors across the globe have begun using Rx Bricks Create to build new learning experiences for students, developing and sharing this curriculum through ScholarRx's Innovative Digital Learning Platform for Medical Schools.

Discover the better way to consistently engage your students with the curriculum, and equip yourself with the faculty resources and support you need to guide and assess students along their learning path.

Your Free Faculty Account gives you access to Rx Bricks Create. This curriculum-building tool is faculty friendly. It's never been easier to develop and share instructionally sound online learning modules with no technical expertise required.

You also have access to the Bricks Create Digital Library where you can leverage existing content created by subject-matter experts and modify it to meet your curriculum and students' needs.

What Is Included in Your Account:

Your Account will always include access to:

  • Over 150 open-access Rx Bricks
  • The Rx Bricks Create tool where you can:
    • Create New Bricks
    • Clone and Modify Free Bricks
    • Share faculty-authored Bricks & cloned Bricks


Your Free Faculty Account also includes a five-day trial of the Student Portal.  For five (5) days you will have access to:

  •  The entire Digital Library of Rx Bricks
  •  14,000+ Flashcards
  •  1,300 Videos
  •  Over 2,000 Step 1 style Questions, including the ability to create formative assessments
  •  First Aid integration for the USMLE Step 1 throughout the platform

Please note, after the first five days, you will no longer have access to the USMLE-Rx student dashboard, but you will retain the open-access bricks and Bricks Create tool in perpetuity.


Want an easy-to-use curriculum building tool grounded in educational principles and designed to support e-learning in medical schools?

Rx Bricks Create allows educators to easily develop and share interactive, multimedia Bricks suited for the evolving learning needs of their students.

Rx Bricks Create is an authoring platform designed to help faculty spend less time churning out content and more time building great learning experiences. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, Rx Bricks Create allows educators to focus on building meaningful content, rather than learning complicated software. More importantly, educators are also able to leverage over 800 existing Bricks from the Rx Bricks library and edit and customize them to meet the needs of their curriculum.

Once you sign up, we will send you additional resources so you can make the most out of the platform!

If you like what you have seen so far,CONTACT US  to set up a Demo to see all the tools integrated in the ScholarRx platform. For example, with active learning as a goal for many faculty, our Qmax question bank is being used to create more frequent formative assessments, containing high-yield, board-style questions.

If you want to refer us to a decision-maker at your institution for a demo of the ScholarRx platform, complete the form below.

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