AMEE Session: Teaching Online Using ScholarRx

If you’re attending the AMEE Virtual Conference, we invite you to join Dr. Tao Le for a session on Teaching Online using ScholarRx.   This event will take place on September 8th from 1800-1900 hrs. UK time (or 1:00pm Eastern Time) on Stream 7, Code ES11.

This pragmatic discussion will explore applications of the innovative Rx Bricks platform, which is a comprehensive curriculum support service featuring student-centered, customizable multimedia modules. Rx Bricks are built around standardized learning objectives and continuous formative feedback.

During this session, actual case studies will highlight schools that have successfully integrated Rx Bricks to:

  • Enable a move to the flipped-classroom model
  • Support online learning with asynchronous content prior to live lectures
  • Support longitudinal, integrated teaching and learning
  • Reduce faculty prep time and improve assessment quality
  • Efficiently increase the number of formative exams aligned and linked to the curriculum

You can preview the Rx Bricks by completing the request form: Free ScholarRx Bricks For Your Institution. Or, for more details about Rx Bricks, Click here.

You can also visit the ScholarRx Virtual Exhibition Booth in Exhibition Hall 1.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your avatar at the AMEE 2020 Virtual Conference.