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Learn Exactly What You Need to Know

With a robust and ever-growing library of high-yield, interactive modules, you can quickly build your foundation of medical knowledge to become a successful physician tomorrow.

The Rx Brick Library includes:

  • 800+ high-yield, patient-centered modules
  • "Need-to-know" topics succinctly explained with simple, clear language explanations, often in under 20 minutes
  • Clinical correlations, real-world stories, and more
  • Visualize complex concepts and quiz yourself with interactive images
  • Assess your understanding with measurable objectives, interactive flashcards, and built-in practice questions
  • Case connections pull you into real-life situations, with clinical scenarios related to one or more concepts discussed in the Brick. (1)

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"Well organized, easy to read, useful and relevant information, engaging, clear images."

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Expose Your Learning Gaps Before They Expose You!

Medical school exposes your gaps, and you don't have much time to close them before learning something new. That's why you need a reliable system to help you understand, review, and assess your understanding of need-to-know information. Our short, interactive modules (called Bricks) help you build that foundational knowledge so you don't fall behind.

Patient-Centered, Clinically Relevant, and Here to Challenge You

Our Case Connections are brief vignettes that book-end each of our Bricks. They challenge you with real-life clinical scenarios related to one or more concepts discussed in the Brick, setting the stage for what you'll be learning. Each Case Connection poses a question you should be able to answer once you've completed the Brick. At the end, it concludes with the case's resolution and the rationale to help you grow.

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