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​​The Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE) and ScholarRx have joined forces to benefit the ABE organization, its members, and general medical science educators generally. The Education Resource Development Committee of the ABE is developing open-access content in the form of Rx Bricks to promote excellence and innovation in teaching biochemistry to health professions students.

As an ABE member, you can access to RxBricks – our short, high-yield, interactive lessons that are modular, flexible, and customizable. To use, create, and clone Rx Bricks, you simply need an account with ScholarRx. There is no cost for participation. Please provide the information requested below, and you will receive an email with instructions for activating your account.

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After submitting your information, ScholarRx will set you up with an account and provide you access to Rx Bricks along with getting started instructions. You should hear from us within 24-48 hours. PLEASE NOTE: Your new account information will come from – please check your spam filters.

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