The New Rx360+: Accelerating Clinical Learning

Building Your Students' Basic Science and Clinical Foundations

ScholarRx's acclaimed Rx360+ ecosystem is used by over 150,000 educators and students worldwide to power their curriculum and provide world-class assessment. Through our upcoming clinical expansion of the Rx Bricks library and our complete upgrade of the Step 2 Qmax question bank, we're designing digital learning experiences to empower tomorrow's physicians, bridging the gap from pre-clinical to clerkships.

Clinical Bricks

Together, we’re preparing the next generation of physicians by empowering clinical reasoning. Crafted by clinicians - with input from faculty and curriculum deans - they're here to help.

With Clinical Bricks, students can learn at their own pace, developing the clinical reasoning abilities they need to be successful in practice. It's easy to use, engaging, and practical, setting your students up for success on the wards. 

Comprehensive Coverage: The Clinical Bricks cover all core clerkships, from internal medicine and surgery to pediatrics and neurology.  

Clinical Presentation Bricks: Over 100 digital learning experiences focusing on the most common clinical presentations and sharpening diagnostic skills. 

Transition to Clinicals Bricks: These Bricks are designed for students as they step into the real-world clinical setting, covering roles, responsibilities, and the fundamentals of clinical reasoning. 

Introduction to Clinical Medicine: Selected from our extensive collection of 550 ICM bricks, offering foundational insights and quick reference for med students in clinical settings. 

Step 2 CK Qmax

Our full repository of clinical questions has been meticulously curated and updated.

Comprehensive Content Refresh: Our complete repository of clinical questions has been meticulously curated and updated to align with the latest exam blueprint and clinical knowledge.

Demystifying the Decision-Making Process: Our enhanced explanations guide you through clinical reasoning, illuminating the path from question to the correct answer. Your students will uncover the 'why' behind each decision, enabling a deeper, more nuanced understanding of involved concepts.

Illuminating Knowledge Gaps: By walking through each stage of the problem-solving process, our explanations help identify areas needing further clarification or study, allowing for targeted improvement and mastery.

Clinical Illustrations: Step 2 CK Qmax includes hundreds of clinical illustrations that enhance the learning experience, making the study material more engaging and easier to digest.

Intuitive User Interface: Students can choose a variety of testing modes, including our easy-to-use tutor mode, so they can create tests and test themselves.

Team of doctors in the hospital. Background with selective focus. AI generated

Partnering with You

With the success of our Rx360+ platform, we're proud to expand our offerings. Clinical Bricks and Step 2 Qmax are a commitment to helping you prepare world-class medical practitioners, ensuring they are equipped with the best tools for clinical reasoning and patient care.

Curricular Autonomy

Rx360+ offers unparalleled curricular autonomy through Bricks Create, allowing educators to tailor content that enriches, engages, and resonates seamlessly. It's more than a feature; it's a gateway to educational agility, enhancing the relevance and impact of each teaching moment.

Group of international doctors or interns with mentor have a meeting and making notes at hospital room. Health care concept. Doctors discuss the patient's diagnosis at meeting room.

Be Part of the Evolution

Join us in our goal of building the best 4-year curriculum and be among the first to adopt Clinical Bricks. Let's shape the future of medical education together.