University of Global Health Equity and ScholarRx Announce New African Medical Education Partnership

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) and ScholarRx today announced a collaboration in support of UGHE’s new health sciences education program. ScholarRx will provide its groundbreaking ScholarRx Curriculum Bricks to the students and faculty of UGHE to further their unique educational mission.

“As an advisor to both UGHE and ScholarRx, I am excited about the educational opportunity created by their collaboration,” said Dr. Charles Prober, Founding Executive Director, Stanford Center for Health Education. “The use of high quality, consistently produced and learner-accessible, evidenced-based, foundational material—complemented by richly interactive teaching sessions by on-site faculty—will be pedagogically effective and scalable to other institutions in Africa.”

With seed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Cummings Foundation, UGHE began as a response to the health inequities that exist within health systems – particularly in Africa – and is contributing to the training of a new generation of global health leaders to deliver high-quality health care in some of the world’s most remote and resource-poor settings.

But it isn’t the only goal. Central to the curriculum for all UGHE students is its flagship master’s program. The Master of Science in Global Health Delivery (MGHD) focuses on leadership and management training, as well as how health delivery is shaped by societal and environmental forces.

“We are thrilled to partner with ScholarRx to deliver an integrated basic sciences experience that incorporates cutting-edge learning science and technology,” said the University of Global Health Equity’s dean, Professor Abebe Bekele. “With ScholarRx’s innovative platforms, students will have access to a robust and interactive flipped classroom experience and curriculum aimed at maximizing their potential in the classroom and their future impact as health professionals.”

ScholarRx is a 15-year-old, mission-driven organization currently serving over 150,000 medical students and physician learners annually. ScholarRx has developed a revolutionary componentized, multi-competency curricular platform that will empower faculty and medical schools to rapidly develop high-quality education experiences, even in resource-constrained environments. Dr. Tao Le, founder and CEO of ScholarRx, comments, “Through the ScholarRx Bricks curriculum initiative, we hope to address deep education needs at a global, societal level and help define consensus curriculum elements that will be accessible to medical schools anywhere.”

By combining the Rx Bricks with ScholarRx’s USMLE-Rx digital learning platform, the UGHE will provide their students and faculty with a comprehensive repository of high-quality educational materials to support individualized learning pathways with formative assessment.

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