ScholarRx Announces Partnership with Phi Delta Epsilon

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ScholarRx today announced a new partnership with Phi Delta Epsilon, an international medical fraternity that provides educational opportunities, supports philanthropic projects, and serves as a foundation for the development of relationships among medical professionals throughout the entire spectrum of their medical career.

As a part of this partnership, PhiDE becomes a charter member of ScholarRx’s Global Medical Student Alliance, which is designed to empower student organizations with the tools and expertise to build medical educational content that is often missing from the curriculum

This partnership will focus on developing medical education curriculum for areas that are critical to PhiDE.

Along with helping to drive and develop this curriculum, PhiDE members will be granted access to these materials through the Rx Bricks digital learning system developed by ScholarRx.

Karen Katz, CEO of Phi Delta Epsilon, says, “Phi Delta Epsilon is committed to education and believes this new partnership with ScholarRX will allow our members to participate in quintessential lifelong learning while helping the international community at large”

Dr. Tao Le, founder and CEO of ScholarRx, comments, “Through the Global Medical Student Alliance, we are excited to partner with PhiDE to address deep education needs at a global, societal level and help medical students define, build, and learn the key content that may be missing from the standard curriculum.”

About ScholarRx: ScholarRx is a mission-driven organization currently serving over 150,000 medical students and physician learners annually. ScholarRx has developed a revolutionary componentized, multi-competency curricular platform that will empower medical schools and medical student organizations to rapidly develop high-quality education experiences, even in resource-constrained environments. 

About Phi Delta Epsilon: Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles. Since 1904, PhiDE has been supporting our family of current and future physicians to lead, serve and care for the global community.  As the largest medical fraternity in the world, PhiDE works to ensure the highest standard of excellence through education of the sciences, ethics, cultural and leadership programming. PhiDE’s future and current physicians treat every patient with equity, always remembering they are someone’s child.


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