Let ScholarRx Perk You Up at AAMC 2019!

Are you coming to Phoenix this weekend for AAMC?

If so, we’ve got a double shot to get you going and supercharge your curriculum.

We invite all med educators to stop by Booth 507 for a free $10 Starbucks gift card. Then, take a moment to learn about our revolutionary curricular system, Rx Bricks.

Imagine having a consistent repository of curricular materials and learning frameworks that can be rapidly deployed and customized to suit your unique curriculum needs and goals. That’s Rx Bricks.

Rx Bricks are truly the new way to help your students build their foundation of medical knowledge—brick by brick. As one student said, “Those bricks are AH-MAZING! … After reading the bricks as a preview, I get so much more out of lecture.”

Discover how schools are already using Rx Bricks to create engaging, active learning experiences and generate positive education outcomes.

We hope to see you (awake and alert) this weekend.

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