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FREE: Cellular and Molecular Biology

Organelles, lipids, molecular genetics and much more. Help students gain a comprehensive understanding of Biochemistry with this free collection of 45 bricks. We intentionally break down biochem’s need-to-know topics into digestible Bricks with interactive illustrations, mnemonic devices, clinical correlations, and case studies. Utilize any of the hundreds of interactive illustrations or customize Bricks content to meet your institution’s unique curricular needs.


FREE: General Microbiology

Bacteria, parasites, fungi and more! Help students learn microbiology with this free, comprehensive collection of 47 bricks. This collection contains microbiology’s need-to-know topics in enhanced learning modules with mnemonic devices, clinical correlations, and case studies. The microbiology collection contains hundreds of interactive illustrations and flash cards that you can deploy in your own curriculum.


Enjoy unlimited access to Rx Bricks collections developed by MeSAGE (The Medical Student Alliance for Global Education), covering critical issues such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, health equity, diversity and inclusion, and the student as educator—with more coming soon. Learn more about MeSAGE here.


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