ScholarRx and the Kern National Network Collaboration

Supporting Personal and Professional Development of Medical Educators and Students

ScholarRx, a leading provider of digital learning tools for medical schools globally, is excited to announce a new collaboration with the Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine (KNN), a movement focused on transforming the profession of medicine by integrating a framework of character, caring, practical wisdom, and flourishing. This collaboration will generate engaging, open-access educational modules that empower medical educators and students to go beyond technical skills and explore deeper issues of meaning, purpose, and belonging within medicine.

The KNN will use ScholarRx’s innovative Bricks Create platform to author and share modules on topics related to the KNN Framework for Flourishing, grounded in interdisciplinary scholarship and practical applications. With a focus on learner-centered, pedagogically sound content, Bricks Create will enable modular, customizable content with active learning elements.

“This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to cultivating nurturing, well-rounded physicians through the power of open educational resources,” said Tao Le, MD, CEO of ScholarRx. “With the Kern National Network, we are helping forge a path that empowers medical educators and students to explore the dimensions of purpose and belonging with medicine.”

“We are honored to collaborate with ScholarRx to address important topics that are often not included in formal medical school curricula today, yet are deeply meaningful to learners, professionals, and leaders in academic medicine,” said Cheryl A. Maurana, PhD, MCW Eminent Scholar, Senior Vice President for Academic Partnerships, Professor of Population Health at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Founding Director of the KNN.

“Together, we will support faculty and future physicians in reimagining medical training and practice so that it nurtures the passion, sense of connection, and continuous growth that originally inspired these individuals to join the field,” said Kimara Ellefson, MBA, National Director of Partnerships and Strategy for the KNN.

Ultimately, the collaboration will catalyze ScholarRx and the KNN’s efforts to provide accessible, sustainable medical education that positively influences the culture of medicine and advances flourishing – for leaders, faculty, staff, and learners, as well as their patients and communities.

About ScholarRx

ScholarRx is a mission-based organization of passionate medical educators, designers, and technologists dedicated to building a healthier world through accessible, sustainable medical education. ScholarRx offers a revolutionary, low-cost, multi-competency curriculum system featuring interconnectable “learning Bricks” powered by the groundbreaking Rx Bricks Create authoring tool, helping make this the world’s first sharable health science curriculum platform.

About the Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine

The Kern National Network for Flourishing in Medicine (KNN) is a movement focused on integrating four foundational elements within the profession of medicine: character, caring, practical wisdom, and flourishing. The KNN advances this work by connecting and convening stakeholders across the health ecosystem, catalyzing transformative initiatives, and influencing policy and systems change toward healthier, positive organizational cultures.

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