Exploring the Planetary Health Brick Collection

Thank you to all who joined us for this important and timely webinar as we delved into Planetary Health, an emerging field that focuses on the interconnectedness of human health, the environment, and the sustainability of our planet. With this conversation, we aimed to highlight the importance of equipping future health professionals with the knowledge and skills to recognize environmental determinants of health and respond to the health impacts of the changing climate. We also introduced you to resources on incorporating these topics into the curriculum, particularly the Planetary Health Brick Collection.


The Planetary Health Brick Collection was developed by MeSAGE, the Medical Student Alliance for Global Education, with the guidance of Dr. Michelle McLean, a leading expert in Planetary Health education. The collection examines how environmental changes affect public health, including air pollution, extreme weather events, and vector ecology. The bricks also cover topics on climate mitigation, adaptation, disaster preparedness, and ways to promote environmentally sustainable health systems. This is one of the most recent MeSAGE publications, an initiative supported by ScholarRx, with the goal of identifying curriculum gaps and developing content relevant for future health professionals.

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Michelle McLean is a renowned expert in health professions education, with over three decades of experience in the field. Her interest in medical education started when she joined a Curriculum Development Task Force at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, which implemented a problem-based learning curriculum. After several years as a Professor of Histology, Dr. McLean transitioned to educational leadership roles, first at the United Arab Emirates University and later at Bond University in Australia, where she currently serves. Her research has largely revolved around student experiences in different parts of their training, professional identity formation, and more recently in environmental sustainability in health professions education.

With a Ph.D. in Seed Pathology and Mycotoxicology and a Masters in Tertiary Education, her extensive knowledge and passion for the environment, combined with her experience in curriculum development, make her the perfect guide for this discussion.

Headshot of Michelle McLean, PhD

Michelle McLean, PhD
Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine
Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

Headshot of Catarina Pais Rodrigues, MD

Catarina Pais Rodrigues, MD
Director of Curriculum Support and Training

Watch the Recording

During this webinar, we will explore the key components and themes within the Planetary Health Brick Collection. Dr. Michelle McLean will lead us through an interactive discussion, shedding light on the significance of Planetary Health, its relevance in healthcare education, and the role of these bricks in preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Learn from the Collection

This collection covers the relationship between human health and the environment with the aim of empowering future health professionals to prepare for and tackle challenges that a changing climate and environmental pollution present to our health and livelihoods.