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We aim to build a healthier world through accessible and sustainable medical education that helps educators reach more students who can better serve their communities.

Please stop by and chat with our team at AAMC 2023 and learn how we're turning this goal into reality. Learn how our global curricular ecosystem, the Rx Brick Exchange, and our latest features will impact those at Learn Serve Lead and how we're shaping the future of academic medicine.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle - come say "Hi" at Booth #230!

What's New with ScholarRx?

We've long been supporting and strengthening the learning journey, but our platform has taken big steps forward this year - we're working towards supporting a 4-year curriculum. We're here to help you with your curriculum from day one through the clinical years. Let's set your students up for success!

Please take the survey at the link below to share your thoughts on how you think we are doing and what you think ScholarRx could do better.

Homepage of the Brick Exchange from ScholarRx

The Brick Exchange

The Brick Exchange aims to empower educators to share and access Bricks with a global community. This digital ecosystem builds on Rx Bricks and Bricks Create – with limitless potential.

A Healthier World

Like our esteemed friends at AAMC, we aim to build a healthier world through accessible, sustainable medical education. The Brick Exchange was designed to expand opportunities for students and educators from around the globe to learn from and collaborate with passionate Brick builders.

Using our revolutionary digital learning platform, Rx Bricks, the Rx Brick Exchange enables educators and learners to share free, open-access educational modules that address topics important to you and your students. We aim for the Brick Exchange to become a community where ideas and expertise are shared to develop engaging, open-access health science content.

Boosting Medical Education Accessibility for All

Together, we're enhancing health professions education by offering new ways to find, build, and share digital learning experiences and making them more accessible for learners worldwide.

In the Brick Exchange, you can:

  • Find, share, and build meaningful digital learning experiences on a global scale
  • Create reading lists
  • Clone Bricks and make them your own
  • Contribute to a shared curricular ecosystem

Join us! 

Assess Your Students' Readiness with Brick Analytics

Our latest feature, Brick Analytics, is ready to transform how you and your institution approach student learning and support. This innovative tool promises to enrich learning experiences and identify and assist struggling medical students, ensuring no aspiring physician is left behind.

With Brick Analytics, you have:

  • The ability to track progress like never before
    • You can now gauge how many students have read the assigned Brick, how many have answered questions, and more with a single click.
  • Enhanced visibility
    • You can readily see if students are keeping up with their readings and how well they are performing.
  • Insightful data for targeted teaching
    • You can now assess whether students understand the assigned material, eliminating the guesswork around competencies.
  • The ability to support struggling students
    • By monitoring student engagement and performance, faculty and administrators can proactively identify individuals facing challenges in their studies.

Brick Analytics is not just a tool; it's a transformative force in medical education. It empowers faculty and administrators to track, analyze, and support their students effectively.

A screenshot of ScholarRx's Brick Analytics feature
Screenshot of the new Bricks Create Translate tool.

Unlock the Future of Medical Education with Bricks Create

Elevate your 4-year curriculum with Bricks Create! We understand the challenges facing educators who want to create content that connects, and Bricks Create is here to revolutionize how you and your faculty prepare students to become physicians.

Bricks Create allows educators to easily develop and share interactive multimedia Bricks suited for the ever-evolving learning needs of their students.

Tailor your curriculum to meet your institution's unique needs and join the growing community of medical schools benefitting from ScholarRx's innovative solutions.

Invest less of your time generating content and allocate more of it to crafting exceptional learning experiences using our cloud-based authoring tool!

Lists for Organizations

Sometimes, the ScholarRx Brick collections don't have everything you need – we get it. That's why we created Lists for Organizations, which allows you to collate Bricks into groups that make sense for your classes and students.

The options are practically limitless! Pull from existing collections and supplement them with your Bricks to build lists that best suit your needs.

Lists can be used to:

  • Organize Bricks for your classes
  • Organize Bricks for your cohorts
  • Organize the Bricks you and your colleagues have written
  • Organize the Bricks your students have written
  • Share Bricks you or your students have written with outside parties
  • Fill and enhance any curricular gaps

We cannot wait to see how you put Lists to work. Share your ideas with our team at AAMC for the opportunity to win a gift card!

Example of Lists for Organizations featuring the AMSA ScholarRx Brick Lists
A look at Step 2 Qmax

Step 2 CK Qmax Just Got Better

As an educator, you know how important setting your students up for Step 2 success, especially now that Step 1 has gone pass-fail. Suddenly, a big test impacts their future even more.

Comprehensive and Focused on Exam Preparation

Prepare your students for Step 2 with questions that physician educators carefully curated. We've unleashed new questions that will:

  • Challenge your students
  • Help them focus their studying
  • Mimic the questions in Step 2

Plus, there are even more new and challenging questions to come!

The Best User Experience

Students know and love the ScholarRx platform and are comfortable with it. This allows them to spend less time messing around and learning how to find things and more time practicing and testing themselves.

Give your students the gift of Step 2 preparedness!

Group 118

Improve Student Outcomes, Brick by Brick

ScholarRx is transforming how students learn through high-yield content, interactive study tools, and faculty-vetted assessments .

Now, educators can reach large, global audiences of faculty and students..

Explore Benefits of ScholarRx:

  • Empowers institutions to accelerate positive and measurable outcomes
  • Patient-centered, clinically relevant
  • Ability to build and collaborate on curriculum
  • Evidence-based approach to learning
  • Provides measurable learning objectives
  • Engaging learning experience
  • Increases focus on high-value tasks
  • Boosts student productivity and engagement
  • Frees up time for more collaborative learning approaches
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Guest Office Hours Presentations

We proudly host guest webinars throughout the year featuring the greatest minds in medical education. Two of our most recent Guest Office Hours presentations can be found below. Please enjoy - we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Enhancing Team-Based Learning in Medical Education

Presented by Amanda J. Chase, PH.D., and Amber J. Heck, Ph.D., Founders of Teach MedEd

In this presentation delivered in May 2023, Drs. Chase and Heck taught how to implement team-based learning using the InteDashboard and ScholarRx platforms in your classroom. During this recording, you'll learn how to apply essential principles of TBL, plan and implement a TBL session, and engage your learners effectively and efficiently. Enjoy!

Maximizing Student Engagement with Bricks Create

Presented by Daniel Del Castillo, MD, ScholarRx Student Advisory Council Chairperson

In this presentation delivered in May 2023, Dr. Del Castillo shared his experiences guiding students at the Universidad del Norte in Colombia to create interactive learning modules using the Bricks Create authoring platform. From discussing the challenges commonly faced in traditional med-ed settings to showcasing how to effectively address them by empowering students, you'll leave this recording with actionable, achievable insights.

Meet with ScholarRx at AAMC

If you have a few minutes not currently taken up by sessions and speakers, our team would love to speak with you in Cancun. From Bricks Create for Faculty or Students to Clone & Translate - there's a lot to cover!

Use the button below to schedule a time to meet with Matt, Steve, Mark, Nikki, Jeff, or Tao and learn more about how we can support and supplement your curriculum.


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